Your Virtual In-House Creative Team

Graphic Designer: branding, logos, ads, 3D promo graphics, ebooks, web banners
Art Director: project management, creative leadership, strategy sessions, marketing campaigns
Web Developer: CMS page design, site creation, maintenance, html templates, squeeze pages
Social Media Delegate: iContact, hootsuite, facebook, twitter and wordpress management


Learn how meStudio can help you define your brand, identify your ideal client, establish a web presence, leverage your website and measure your ROI. Your business is growing thanks to your exceptional efforts. But If you are currently operating without a logo, brand or website, then all other marketing is futile. Updating has got to be your first priority!


meStudio designs your logo as the visual representation of your business, taking a wholistic and integrated approach. Learn how meStudio can help you define your brand, identify your ideal client, establish a web presence, leverage your website and measure your ROI.


If You Can Envision It...We Can Design It! Your website needs to be the virtual home of your business and the center of every marketing campaign and social networking strategy you implement to build your brand and market your services, programs, and products. Nowadays the best solution for your website is a custom WordPress website with integrated blog.


Strategic marketing removes the guess work involved in building brand equity. When you partner with meStudio, we map out a step by step planning guide to your marketing tasks and goals for the year. Professionally executed, this unique proprietary tool will dramatically improve your clarity for the upcoming year by identifying areas of exceptional growth opportunity.

catalogs and brochures

Catalog and brochure design is more than just a collection of beautiful images and product descriptions arranged across the pages for optimal flipping by the consumer. It needs to be creative and captivating enough to instigate an interest among prospective buyers and users.

email marketing

We Give You The Gift of Time! meStudio leverages the power of email marketing by broadcasting eye-catching custom HTML eblasts on your behalf that engage your target market. Whether it is a newsletter, event promotion or blog post, email marketing is a powerful and economical marketing tool to promote your organization, business, product, or event nationally and internationally.


An electronic book (also e-book, ebook, digital book) is a publication in digital form, consisting of text, images, or both, and produced on, published through, and readable on computers or other electronic devices. Recognizing the power of the ebook in today's marketing environment, meStudio helps clients in designing, writing, marketing and publishing their ebooks. Sometimes the equivalent of a conventional printed book, e-books can also be born digital.

landing pages

Design meStudio specializes in HTML coded promotional webpages. Also called a Lead Capture, Squeeze or Focused Offer page, it essentially converts site visitors into sales leads. Design meStudio landing pages effectively target your ideal clients by providing a customized sales pitch for the visitor. By providing a good match, your chances of engaging the visitor goes up, as well as your return on investment.

online articles

Websites Thrive with Online Article Writing! As the National Artist Examiner and the LI Graffiti Examiner, I have experienced the first hand the amazing benefit that Online Article Writing has on your website. It is one of the most effective tools for connecting with your target market and for significantly increasing the traffic to your website.

DvD video

meVideo is the multimedia division of Design meStudio. As the leading provider of video editing services, we specialize in transforming your raw footage & photographs into a FULL CINEMATIC VIDEO EXPERIENCE that your will forever treasure!

placemat advertising

As the Art Director and Senior Graphic Designer for Tack II Advertising Placemats I enabled countless clients millions of exposures for less than a penny per day! Tack II Placemats are especially effective because they place your advertisement in front of prospective clients for a period of 30 - 45 minutes at a time! 40+ advertising locations available throughout Nassau and Suffolk counties.

ALS Project

Friends for Captain Bob is a non-profit group that united in honor of Captain Bob and his continued battle with ALS. This project included a complete Branding Campaign, Event Promotion and Marketing, Press Coverage, Collatoral Design, Web Development and Design, Video Promotion, Email Marketing and Social Media.


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