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Graphic Design

meStudio was founded out of a deep seeded dedication to helping clients find their creative voice.

If You Can Envision It…We Can Design It!

Nobody knows your brand better than you. 
As a brand owner, creator or visionary, you have a 
unique perspective on the direction of your business. Our intuitive and empathetic approach to design starts with the vision inside your head. We’ve mastered the task of helping you reach inside to pull your vision out, giving it life and imagery.

We work exclusively with small businesses and solopreneurs to define your brand and implement concrete marketing strategies that deliver consistent, measurable results.

Focus On Your Genius…We’ll handle the Rest

When you partner with meStudio, you are connected with your own Virtual In-House Creative Team. Our co-creative process takes your business at it’s current state and infuses it with brand equity, an enhanced company image and an elevated level of expertise among the people who matter most… your target market.

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meStudio takes a wholistic and integrated approach to refining or designing your logo. Whether your building a brand from scratch, or breathing new life into an existing one. It is about designing the customer’s experience with your brand (business).

Logo Design

Your logo is a visual representation of what you are as a business and as an organization. It provides the kind of image no other attribute of the business can provide. When people recognize your logo at a glance then you know you have created your perfect representation.

“A logo should look just as good in 15-foot letters on top of company headquarters as it does one sixteenth of an inch tall on company stationery.” ~steve gilliatt


Graphic Design • Website Development • Social Media Marketing

Once you’ve defined your Brand, now what ? …how do you get the word out? BRAND INTEGRATION. Our strategic marketing outline removes the guess work involved in building brand equity. meStudio maps out a step by step planning guide to your marketing tasks and goals for the year.

Your Competitive Advantage

Professionally executed, this unique 
proprietary tool will dramatically improve your clarity for the upcoming year by identifying areas of exceptional growth opportunity. Awarding you a clear and measurable competitive advantage to your firm. Included are the proven building blocks:

How can the meStudio Creative Team help my business ?

  • Help you understand and push past the creative blocks that stand in the way of your projects.
  • Inspire you to think bigger and work more productively to develop and implement your marketing ideas.
  • Help you overcome the doubts and anxieties associated with tapping into an unknown marketing area.
  • Listen, educate, and assist you so that your creative work evolves without consuming all of your time.


meStudio designs your logo as the visual representation of your business, taking a wholistic and integrated approach. Learn how meStudio can help you define your brand, identify your ideal client, establish a web presence, leverage your website and measure your ROI.




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