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Get Connected

To stay competitive in today’s world, a business needs to be engaging people via online social networks to generate exposure, increase traffic, improve SEO, cultivate customer relations, build strong brand awareness, generate quality leads and grow sales. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, the company blog on WordPress, various forums and bookmarking sites are your invaluable tools.

Humanize Your Brand

It is essential that you take advantage of this fabulous low-cost platform called social media. It enables your business to have an online voice and to communicate with peers, customers and potential consumers. It can ultimately humanize your “brand” , help you spread your message in a relaxed and conversational way and of course drive traffic to your website.

Viral Buzz

Like networking off line on the golf course or Chamber of Commerce, networking online can enable you to powerfully master the viral buzz of your brand. Even more exciting is that it can happen anywhere by anyone you choose. Can you imagine if that were true for your golf game as well ?

Consistency & Quality Content

The golden ticket to this social media neverland is consistency and quality content. Like any word of mouth, it must be built. It is essential that it become a part of your everyday life in order to keep the momentum and attention, just like exercise and your daily vitamins.

Let ‘ME’…Help You

But how can the owner of a 20-employee business or a solo entrepreneur find time to learn and navigate social networking online?
The answer is she doesn’t. The truth is that it takes years to accumulated the knowledge, resources, accounts, and contacts necessary to take your social media campaigns to the top and generate buzz quickly.

Aside from hiring a full-time specialist, it is much more cost effective to Insource your social media marketing to the qualified experts at meStudio. Rest assured this is not a hands-off excursion into the unknown.

Engage & Discover

Your social media concierge begins by engaging in a discovery session with you and your staff, either in-person, on-line or conference call. On the agenda will be your goals and target market, establishment of expectations, and information on how the results will be monitored and reported.

Your Customized Plan

Afterward a social media marketing plan is outlined and presented to you in a customized binder, for you to keep and follow along with. As part of designing your social media profile, we’ll narrow down the hundreds of potential social media sites available, matching your company’s culture and offerings with the appropriate social media sites to ensure the community is a good fit.

Monthly Maintenance

In order to stay up-to-date and fresh, you and your strategist will meet monthly (or more depending on your package) and communicate regularly by email, to insure that your strategist represents your business as a true delegate. Social media is about your brand it’s about interaction and it’s about your consumers. That is why meStudio always operates under a strict guideline of moral ethics, as furnished in our social media privacy policy


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